Yemi Adetola

About Yemi Adetola

My name is Yemi Adetola, and I am about to “Do Something Democratic”. I am running for Central Committee in District 32. I am a long time Anne Arundel County resident “Best Place for All”, a devoted husband, and a former US Army Reservist. My experience as a former US Army Reservist, church leader, mentor, project manager, and community leader prepared me for this great opportunity. I am fully prepared and ready to work for all families and communities in District 32.

My wife, Kemi Adetola and I are co-founders of African Diaspora Affairs of Anne Arundel County. I serve as Vice Chairman of the Laurel Race Course Impact Fund. I’m currently a member of the Inter-Faith Advisory Council for Anne Arundel County. Also, I serve as an Elder in Harvest Intercontinental Church, and a Minister with National Association of Christian Ministers.

My Slogan

My campaign slogan is Inclusive Leadership for All. I believe that all residents and business owners in District 32 should experience the following:

  1. Access for all
  2. Equity for all
  3. Justice for all

As a member of Democratic Central Committee in District 32, I will ensure that residents and business owners have access to elected officials and resources in Anne Arundel County. I will also stand for equity and justice for all. As a community leader, I learned “Ask not what your country can do for you – ask what you can do for your country?” – JFK. So, with a heart for public service, I accept the challenge to contribute to public good.

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